Monday, December 15, 2008

christmas '97

okay, so next up is the card i did back in 97... so, i was already working at dc at the time (and the main reason i know this - because my mind is like a sieve when it comes to dates - is that i drew this on a dc board)... the caption inside read  "this ain't no pillow, baby... it's 100% claus")...

hope everybody had a good weekend (i practically slept the entire weekend - shaking the ick i most likely got from the kids), looking forward to tonight's holiday themed chuck (and yeah, i'll end up watching the end of this arc of heroes...)



Christian D. Leaf said...

Nicely done, ol' chap. Both on the drawing and its respective caption.

Shaking off some kid ick myownself, so I feel you, brother.

portalcomics said...

LOL! that's a good one "100% Claus"

todd said...

i mean, no...REALLY?
don't be a sheep--shake that off!

just like the new spirit movie which i cannot wait to not see...


Brian said...

Chuck is on the DVR, but I did watch Heroes.

I know Bill loved it, but I just cannot get my head around what they did with Nathan and his character arc.

That said, I do have high hopes for "The Fugitives" story line and, if Sylar is not just merely dead, but really most sincerely dead, then I think they have a real chance at returning to their first season form, especially with Bryan Fuller back on board.

Matt Wieringo said...

I washed that HEROES right out of my hair. Blech. Makes me sad because season one was so much fun.

Glad you're feeling better, Craig. That Santa card is terrif.

Todd, I'm with ya. I wouldn't watch THE SPIRIT if I was IN IT! It looks horrible.

craig rousseau said...

thanks, guys...

and yeah, that was a pretty horrid wrap to BAD season of HEROES... and based on the next arc clip, there's not a story idea from the X-MEN they won't steal...

oh, and todd... really?

it's not like i go out of my way to watch it... and YOU, of all people should know that sometimes even when you KNOW it's not good, you just can't walk away when you should (coughKATEcough)...

that's right, i went there.

but then again, you did quit, so maybe so can i.

and yeah, that "frank miller's spirit" ... ouch.

Brian said...

Just saw a new clip from "The Spirit" where Sarah Paulson's Ellen is trying to convince Gabriel Macht's The Spirit to get his multiple wounds, including a bleeding head wound, looked at by a doctor. The clip couldn't have been more than two minutes, but it felt like a lot longer and was painful to watch.

Sarah Paulson is one of my favorite actresses and I was excited to hear she was going to be in this film, but not even she would get me to watch this.

This one is going to make people forget Howard the Duck.

todd said...


bri--don't knock howard the duck!
mike and i used to talk about that movie and how much it hurt, but how




(and you know which one we're talking about...)

made it all worth while.