Wednesday, December 3, 2008

!annataz rehtona ,kool, yeh! *

*okay, for all the non-complete comic nerds out there, it's "hey, look, another zatanna!"  backwards like the way she casts her spells, get it?... and would you believe the next one in the queue is zatanna as well? go figure (besides that, i've got one last one of dani and serra from tellos hanging over my head, then i'm done with the commission backlog... well, if you don't count that exiles one for jim... or the "REALLY long overdue but with any luck it'll be done by the time you have your baby" one i owe one of my oldest friends (yeah, bobbby, that's you)

so, here's yet another LONG in the works commission of zatanna and scarlet witch for the very patient hitoshi amano (it's been laid out for months but i never seemed to find the time to finish it)

putting the finishing touches on the last 2 pages of haps 5 and sending them to rico to work his usual magic, layouts for the first marvel adventures cap story are moving along... 

finally got around to finishing the update to the canson paper galleries (6 pages already?) after working out a few kinks with the web hosting server.

seemed weird last night to NOT sit down to a new episode of the shield... sigh. (yet, i still watch the heroes i'm tivoing in the hopes it might get back to being mediocre... but it's like watching a new trainwreck every week... at least chuck is still pretty fun - just rewatched all of season 1 this last week while working and enjoyed it even more the second time)

took the kids to get a picture with santa today... maybe next year we'll manage to get'm both to smile at the same time...(but cat not crying in the picture this year was nice)...

well, these comics don't draw themselves... back to work.


Brian said...

No crying in the Sanat picture is always good news, though some of those crying with Santa shots Todd posted last year were hilarious.

Great news about the 'Haps as, while it is well worth the wait, I'll take reading over waiting any day of the week. Also, really looking forward to your Cap.

Another great canson piece Craig. Hitahsi is a lucky, lucky man.

As for your commission backlog, I believe that sound you hear in the distance is me coughing and "ummm, humming" loud enough into my right hand to be heard half way down the eastern seaboard. ;-)

Bill Nolan said...

I swear I'm feeling out-of-touch lately. I think this season of Heroes has been consistently amazing, perhaps the best season of any TV show I have ever followed. But NO ONE even remotely agrees with me. :P

Brian said...

I'm much more with you than against you Bill and think that the last few episodes, prior to this week's show, were some of the best they have done.

I was, however, disappointed with what they did with Sylar this week as I really think they have gone as far as they can go with evil Sylar and I hope his final statement of the episode is not indicative of where the character is headed.

craig rousseau said...

really? thats it, officer mulcahy clearly needs to die a horrible death soon for his (clearly) poor judgement...

to me, writing of heroes this (and last) season has been so amazingly inconsistent, personality changes for the sake of change... no internal logic as to how powers (especially time travel... yikes, was introducing that power ever a mistake) and so much convoluted (and often retroactively added) backstory it's making my head hurt just thinking about it... kinda like a bad jeph loeb comic (which certainly isn't to say he hasn't written good ones, but ...)

but that's just my $.02

Brian said...
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Brian said...

I don't mind dying as long as it is in a blaze of glory while the team is backing up Molly.

Say, I think I have the perfect cover for that book, too.


Seriously, though, I'm talking more about the last couple of episodes when looked at standing on their own and the character development in them, especially the "no powers" episode.

I realize that when viewed in the context of this season and last, there are all those problems you mentioned, Cragi, but I was willing to cut the show a good deal of slack as I felt they were getting back on the right track and the inconsistencies and personality changes were necessary to fix the mistakes of the past. I really liked the changes in Sylar, because they had me interested again in a character I thought was played out by the end of season 1 and should never have been in season 2.

Matt Wieringo said...

Great Canson piece, as always!

I gave up on HEROES about mid-way through season 2. Bleh. Sorry to hear about THE SHIELD. I never watched it but I know lots of folks who loved it. When a show runs it's course or, worse, is cancelled, it's like a really good friend has moved away. There's an emptiness for a while. I really, really, REALLY miss having (good) X-FILES episodes to look forward to every Sunday.

Bill Nolan said...

Craig, feel free to add me as a character in the book and kill me right away! :)

David Wade said...


Isn't there an armored Wonder Woman you still need to do for a certain young lady? Just trying the jog the memory!

David Wade