Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what, no rufus?

okay, so here's the third commission i finished up the other day... always fun drawing the kim possible crew (and i dig that new stylin' outfit she got in the last season)...

so, marvel solicits just came out the other day and the cat's outta the bag... besides doing the captain america back up that month (1940's cap vs. P.R.O.D.O.K.), i'm also doing a 16 page story with super cool cat jeff parker for the uncanny x-men first class giant size 1 (whew, talk about a long title... almost as awkward as marvel adventures superheroes featuring captain america... glad the next project i'll be working on at marvel won't have such a long name...!)... and it turns out, the softcover spider-man loves mary jane trade is solicited for that month, too... phew.

looking forward to seeing folks up at the boston comic con in a few weeks... and looks like i'll be heading out to the chicago comic con this august (i'll have more info on that later, i'm sure)...

REALLY dug the finale to battlestar galactica the other day (well done, and great send off to a thought provoking show)... and man, friday night lights, the office and 30 rock have been stellar lately... and if that was the final ever flight of the conchords, it went out on top.

here comes the fun cooker!

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