Tuesday, March 10, 2009

wild thing!

so, here's the first of 3 commissions i did this weekend, trying to get back into a groove (need to finish those last pages of 'haps 6 so y'all can see leanne and jason's stories)... 

again, not a character i'm familiar with, but fun to do (guess she's wolverine's daughter in the spider-girl continuity)...

so, 24 is having a great season of "wow, this is totally unbelievable... but i can't WAIT to see what happens next" action, the clock is ticking down on battlestar galactica (and wow, they've got a lot of balls in motion in the homestretch), lost is at a creative high point these days (the show's mythology keeps getting more interesting... i've read a few theories that, if true, are very interesting indeed), friday night lights is just damn good drama... and castle was fun, if not breaking new ground (nathan fillion really made it worth watching)

back to work.
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