Friday, May 29, 2009

another work in progress

so, nick's been waiting very patiently for me to finish this one... with any luck, it'll be done by the end of the weekend. (did this one a bit differently than peter parker by going with the white outline first...)

working hard on iron man and the armor wars (just saw skottie young's cover to #2... SWEET!) and getting into the halloween story for the haps...

realizing that heroes con is only a few weeks away, it's time to get cracking on not ONE, but TWO new sketchbooks... (one's the next canson, the other is commissions, sketches, etc) trying something a bit different this time around ( finished size'll be 8.5x11 instead of the smaller ones to allow the art to be bigger and uncropped... ) for folks who can't make to a show this year, i'll post ordering info when they're ready...


so, since tv is slow for the time being (phew), i'm diving into dvds that've piled up... currently it's andy richter controls the universe (very funny, slightly surreal and canceled WAY too soon), next up, the complete box set of the wire.


Brian said...

Man, that Supergirl may end up topping the one you did with the Blue background that I still kick myself for not buying when I had the chance.

As for TV, still have to get to the Scrubs Season/J.D. finale and looking forward to the return of Burn Notice.

todd said...

yeah, c.~
that surpergirl is sweet!
i love seeing it come together, as the layers build up--we should really do a stop-motion of you drawing one of these...that'd be cool!

we are finally--at YOUR urging--diving into jim starlin's loan of the first two seasons of battlestar galactica. took a few eps but we're diggin' all over it now. nice stuff!

DonKelly said...

Cool Supergirl! I'll be ordering those sketchbooks no doubt to add to my CR collection.

Spend more time online and doing other stuff to watch much tv..even though it's on most the time now with the kids and wife. Looking forward to Burn Notice coming back.

Anonymous said...

That Supergirl is looking great, Craig.

I too, am a fan of Burn Notice.
Recently started watching the 1985 twilight zone series.