Monday, June 7, 2010

quick heroes con wrap up... and the darkness

sounding like a broken record year after year, but i had a GREAT time in charlotte at heorescon this year (even without my creative better half and a few others - rod and leanne, nick, to name a few - i still had the great company of matt and squeeze, brian and kelly) and got to next to rick leonardi and watch him do sketch after amazing sketch. saw plenty of friends, old and new. did quite a few canson paper color sketches at the show (sadly, didn't take any pictures, so i figure i'd post the last commission i did before heading out) and can't wait for next year (but luckily, baltimore comic-con is right around the corner, right?)

working on getting her-oes 4 all wrapped up and then jumping onto my mouse guard story and haps stuff...


justified season finale already? damn.... good thing true blood starts up in a few days.... and another fantastic friday night lights this week.

listening to the castle book tie-in heat wave on audio book while working - solid and entertaining, but nothing ground-breaking (which is how i pictured castle's books, so it's all good)

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