Monday, June 28, 2010

catching up (and yet another hellboy sketch)

well, things seem to be slowing down a bit after finishing up her-oes 4 the other day (good thing, too... it's scheduled to be on the stands in a few weeks)... plenty left on my plate (first up - my 6 page mouse guard story for david petersen - been itching to get drawing it! also, just a few long outstanding commissions... and the next 2 convention exclusive perhapanauts prints for baltimore and mid ohio), not to mention finishing the pages for the first issue of the next haps arc and getting to work on the second issue)... and just got word about my next all ages gig for marvel... pretty excited!

hope to take the time and get to the stack of dvds here (got halfway through inglorious basterds on the flight from charlotte and never got back to it - big fan, and on numerous recommendations, the first season of breaking bad), comics (months worth of comics to be sifted through and read ... and a few on the ipad as well) and magazines...

been listening to the great new devo album... and on a michel giacchino kick on itunes, getting the soundtracks for fringe and land of the lost.

oh yeah, here's a hellboy sketch i traded a while back for a cool comic con breda 2010 exclusive hellboy comic (3 stories reprinted with a sweet new cover) - thanks again, kees!


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Brian said...

Great news about the Marvel gig, Craig, though not as great as the news that you've got some time to get cranking on the 'Haps.

Also, great sketch. The juxtaposition of the Right Hand of Doom and a cute little bird is a wonderful touch.