Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a mouse story

so, finished up my six page legends of the mouse guard story this weekend (did the whole thing - story, art, colors and letters) and had a lot of fun doing it.... it'll be in issue 4, coming out next month or so, i think.

before that, i also did an 11 page ff story (pencils and inks) for a custom comic for marvel on a fairly tight deadline (i really have fun drawing the ever lovin' blue eyed thing... still don't quite have a handle on the rest - but i kept mike's ff run handy for inspiration)

AND over the weekend, i worked on my cover for #1 to the next 4 issue series i'll be doing at marvel - captain america and the korvac saga written by the one and only ben mccool ... should be a fun ride, issue 1 hitting shelves in dec.

and since i don't seem busy enough, started laying out the baltimore exclusive print and started inking some 'haps pages... (yay, i miss those guys!)

heck, i even managed to get out and see inception (loved it ) and re-watched all three seasons of deadwood on dvd... next up, by popular recommendation, breaking bad.

whew, i'm tired.


Brian said...

Gorgeous colors, Craig.

As for the story, as I read the words I can hear your voice in my head as if you were reading it to your son. Nice job, my friend.

Looking forward to your Cap as well as some 'Haps.

Brian said...
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