Wednesday, August 17, 2011


first off, the PMC was a great day and a great ride and i'm thankful for all the support of family, friends and everyone else... managed to raise a good chunk of money directly for the dana farber jimmy fund to help find a cure for cancer, so THANK YOU! if you made a donation and i haven't gotten in touch yet, expect an email in the next week or so about a sketch request... (got a few more than i hoped, so it'll take a while to get through on top of work!)

the baltimore comic con is JUST around the corner this weekend... one of my absolute favorite shows and i can't wait to head down and spend with fans, family, and friends... one friend who's been waiting SO patiently for a drawing in trade is none other than david (mouse guard) petersen... after giving me not ONE, but TWO sweet harry potter themes sketches (and by sketches, i mean beautiful illustrations), i promised david a quidditch drawing... years ago. figured i HAD to get it done before seeing him and julia this weekend so... (granted, this is just the line art - i'm also gonna do a finished canson paper piece to go with it...)

back to work (got a few commissions to finish before heading down south... and plenty of "real" work on my plate)!

see you in baltimore,


Brian said...

Great job, Craig. Well worth the wait, says I.

Joe Boster said...

Glad you did so well. I'll wait patiently! :)