Wednesday, August 24, 2011

baltimore in the rear view... next up, detroit!

had another GREAT show in baltimore last weekend (as always, BIG thanks to mark, brad and the rest of the crew!) this 2 day show seems to roll by SOOOO quickly, and this year with family (and in-laws) in tow, it seemed even quicker (well, not the 8+ hour drive, but...)

todd and i sold out of the 'haps trades we brought and put a BIG dent into the new shipment of tees (soon to be available at the haps webstore) ... didn't get to see much (or many folks) with my head down as i sketched all weekend... waiting for a few scans of the color pieces, but in the meantime, here's one of the pre-show pickups!

getting back on track with work and whatnot (wooohoo, the boy starts SECOND GRADE next week!), re-watching "sons of anarchy" and listening to the new fountains of wayne and they might be giants over and over...

i'll post later this week with the suh-weet lawrence basso colored version of the pmc print (and getting in touch with generous donors as well)...


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Brian said...

Perfect paper choice on this one, Craig.