Thursday, September 1, 2011

pmc print... in hellasweet color!

so, my new pal lawrence basso really knocked it outta at the park on this one (you might remember his sweet colors on my avengers 1 homage and the promo stuff i've done for kyrra with rich woodall)...

everyone who made a generous donation of $25 or more to my PMC ride will be getting this one in the mail (along with sketches for folks who made even more generous donations... i'm still getting in touch... haven't forgotten, just swamped with work)...

speaking of work, plugging away on the haps motion comic and the next arc, due out starting in january 2012...!


1 comment:

Brian said...

Man, that came out nice. Great job with the lighting.

While I'm not one to wish for an election year to get here quicker, I sure am looking forward to some new 'Haps in 2012.