Thursday, September 8, 2011

real quick batman beyond sketch

busy working away on stuff i can't show yet, so... here's a quick sketch for a charity auction (always fun revisiting batman beyond in MY style and donate to a good cause... and probably the only way i'll get to draw a dc character anytime soon) 



Matt Wieringo said...

Cool! Love the facial structure. Suze got me the complete TV series a few months ago. Looking forward to watching it.

Brian said...

Like Star Trek: The Next Generation, Batman Beyond was one of those things I thought was a bad idea, you know, like New Coke. Well, in both cases, I could not have been more wrong. Loved the cartoon and the comic, thanks in no small part to Craig's art.

Always enjoy seeing Craig's take on the character. What I like about this head shot is that it looks like Terry has grown into the job. No longer the fresh faced kid, this Batman Beyond is a seasoned veteran of the war on crime.