Thursday, October 6, 2011

invincible iron man!

so, since the book is coming out next week (check the amazon link), i figure it's safe to talk about what's been keeping me soooo busy these last few months... marvel storybooks for disney press!

disney press has gotten into the marvel superhero storybook business with its very own "marvel press" imprint... the first book i worked on was the 48 page hardcover "the invincible iron man: an origin story" written by rich thomas with art by me and hi-fi design. all the artwork i've done has been pencil art, digitally painted by the fine folks at hi-fi design... mighty fun stuff i'm glad to be a part of (and it's stuff i know i can share with my kids and their classmates and friends)...

i'm sure i'll have more to post soon... but in the meantime, here's iron man!

if you're at the NY comic con next week, i'll be at the disney press panel sunday at noon (and signing at the booth later on sunday)... stop by and say "hey!")


Brian said...

Cool news, Sir. I'm very happy for you.

Make sure to swing by at NYC and say Hi.

Eric Henson said...

LOVIN' these IronMan pages!

Matt Wieringo said...