Tuesday, August 13, 2013

kyrra chapter 5...

so, seems like it's been a WHILE since i've posted anything about KYRRA... and well... that's because it's stalled a bit.

we managed to get chapters 1-4 (and the free preview) up over at ARTIST ALLEY COMICS, but since then life seems to have gotten in the way... paying commissions,  paying work, family time, conventions...

the freedom to do a creator owned book is GREAT, make no mistake... BUT making a living doing it (without a publisher or real viable income?) gets... tricky. we'd LOVE to do this every month, but the financial realities of the situation just don't allow it (and, to be honest, it's the same with THE PERHAPANAUTS over at image comics... we'd LOVE to do that every day and have books out monthly -or more!, but sadly, our sales can't support it...)

soooo, we do what we can when we can, and try to make sure what we give you is the best we can put out...  and we understand some folks aren't on board with digital (or if they are, prefer the ease of comixology) and we're looking into ways to get this out to more readers in both print and digital.

rich and i have a pretty ambitious story we'd love to tell... and hope we can. it just might take us a while... (same with todd and me and THE PERHAPANAUTS*)

but anyway, here's the cover to chapter 5...

*speaking of THE 'HAPS, starting next monday, we at perhapanauts central are going to start running weekly $10 SPECIAL sales in our recently redesigned webstore to make way for new product in 2014... stay tuned.


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