Wednesday, January 17, 2007

um, yeah....

so, the story behind this one is pretty straightforward... a good friend asked me to do a canson paper drawing of a friend's childhood hero creation... the beholder (get it? beholder... big eye... oh, come on, he was a kid)... don't quite know what the mecha-carrot is, but anyway...

turned in the files for the haps issue 4 today (hoping it's not the last, but time will tell) and work is underway on the next gig...

still lining up some sweet pin-ups for the trade as well (we're rushing to get it done in time for heroes con... and asking friends we'd planned to ask for the third volume to contribute this time around, on short notice)

oh, and bill - the sketch's almost done!


what i'm listening to as i type this ... meet the smithereens


Bill Nolan said...

That eye dude is awesome! Except the obvious problem of a superhero with so many spots vulnerable to poking... I think the lower-case "e" in the familiar shield emblem puts it over the top. That's the type of genius only a child can demonstrate. My older daughter likes to pretend to be a superhero called "Tricks Girl" who can capture the badguys by tricking them.

And thanks for the shout-out about my sketch. I'm on the edge of my seat with anticipation!

Brian said...

HILARIOUS. Although I'm ashamed to admit that after reading that the character was named The Beholder, it took me an extra beat to figure out why he had a giant E on his chest.

I thought John Cassady was cool for doing Fred Flintsone as the Lone Ranger and a Butt Head Wolverine down in Baltimore, but this beats those hands down for cool. You sir, are the best.


P.S. Thanks for getting Bill's sketch done, now I might just get some sleep in New York.