Tuesday, August 25, 2009

back to the future...

well, that title seems oddly appropriate for a coupla reasons...

first off, today's sketch was a warm up i did after reading that dc was bringing back batman beyond (and A. no, i'm not drawing it... B. dunno if anybody at dc even knows who i am these days, and C. i'm mighty happy to be working at marvel on iron man and the armor wars - issue 2 out in a few weeks! -and on the 'haps, thank you very much) ... gotta say, i'm pretty excited to this character come back, seemed like there was SO much potential that was left untapped (and while i enjoyed my two years on the comic based on the cartoon, i felt like it didn't always hit the mark...) after trying to hew closely to the general style guide, it was fun to put my spin on the character (granted, it's years later and i'd like to think i've grown as an artist as well)

secondly, this past weekend was my 20 year (!) high school reunion... after hemming and hawing a bit about going, i'm certainly glad i did... (granted, it was right down the road, so i didn't need to take a trek to get there)... it was a pleasure to catch up with old friends and see what's been going on these last two decades, (but as todd pointed out over on his blog, facebook's been a great way to reconnect as well, so i've been reconnecting with those who couldn't make it...)

alright, gotta go get dinner on the table!



Brian said...

Funny, I thought of you as soon as I read the news as that was the book I "discovered" your work on. My brother had brought some of the books along for the drive when the Mulcahy boys headed down to Baltimore to take in a ball game.

I wasn't reading comics at the time, but I was enjoying the Batman Beyond animated show so that got me to pick up the book and your art got me to not put it down.

Very Cool drawing of Batman Beyond. Reminds me of the style Stelfreeze used for the covers he did which, to me, is a good thing and a high compliment.

dogboy443 said...

Great piece Craig. The pose is perfect and the expression on Batman's face is angst with a capital "A". Maybe it's time to get reacquainted with the fold at DC?