Sunday, August 30, 2009

black widow

well, here's another canson color piece for a very patient customer... (i've got a few more commissions to wrap up - incredibles, deadpool, hellboy/choopie, and the haps movie style poster- and get the list empty for a change... whoo!)

let's see, issue 2 of iron man and the armor wars comes out this week, so make sure you grab your copy (with another sweet scottie young cover!)... and as a guy who hasn't been following iron man at all for the last few years, i can say it's an all ages book that anybody can pick up and enjoy - i really think marvel's got the "all ages thing" figured out with the books nate cosby's putting out as editor...

the perhapanauts halloween spooktacular is off to image and set for it's release right before the baltimore comic con in october (you ARE going, aren't you? ) speaking of baltimore and conventions, i'll also be in calgary the first weekend of october and then boston the last weekend, whew! (luckily, no shows in sept or after october, so i can keep working on the haps and my next marvel gig)

oh, for folks looking to buy original art, head on over to comic art house and see everything that's available ... and be sure to check out the ebay auctions for some great deals...

okay, back to work!


(really enjoying the latest patton oswalt cd while working... when the kids aren't home)

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Brian said...

Beautiful and sexy Black Widow, Craig, great job.

I definitely will be in Boston, won't be in Calgary and I'm working on Baltimore.