Saturday, August 1, 2009

quick one

okay, so, as usual, i'm swamped with work and realized it's been a while since the last post... since i've been busy wrapping up issue 2 of iron man and the armor wars and our perhapanauts halloween spooktacular story, i haven't done any new commissions to share... so i'm diggin' deep.

but before i do, here's preview of the first issue of armor wars, check it out!

and for the folks heading to chicago next weekend, stop on by artist alley booth 4500 and say "hey!" (i'll have some books, sketchbooks, and maybe some art...)

okay, back now? so, here's one i did back in '95 to send along to editors as a thank you note for taking the time to look at samples (you know, back when editors would look at cold call samples... best, constructive reply i got was from kevin dooley at dc... funniest was a rejection letter from dc after i had been working on impulse for a year - i was thinking it was gonna be my check)... i've started scanning some older samples (x-men, thor, generation x, books of magic, dreaming, mister miracle) that i'll be posting pretty frequently...


really enjoyed green lantern - first flight on dvd... and finally getting to watch dollhouse, so far, so good...

and STILL taking in everything that happened on the wire (dammn!!) - even noticed "omar" in the big fight between hulk and abomination in the incredible hulk the other day on hbo... and realized it was gordon from sesame street as the patrol cop in season 5


Brian said...

Craig, the Iron Man pages look cool. It has the feel that it is the movie version of Tony and Iron Man, but without the identity reveal.

Have a great time in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Hey Craig,
That Ant Man sketch is pretty cool & the Ironman pages just rock.

Matt Wieringo said...

Craig, I picked up IRON MAN ARMOR WARS yesterday and read it the minute I got home. Great stuff. Congratulations. A FUN Iron Man comic. Imagine that.

Okay, that does it. I'm renting THE WIRE. It's all anyone's talking about and I don't want anything ruined before I get a chance to see it. Think Suze will like it?

Keep watching DOLLHOUSE. There are a couple of clunker episodes early on but about halfway through, it really kicks in the awesomeness boosters. Not sure what's with all the haters. At least we're not getting another CSI: TOLEDO or LAW & ORDER: K-MART SECURITY.

Brian said...


Looking forward to your WW Chicago update when you get a chance to take a breath.