Sunday, September 13, 2009

battle of the planets!

so, here's a scan of the color piece of princess from battle of the planets... yeah, i know it's really gatchaman, but i'll always have fond memories of watching the us version with 7 zark 7 and 1 robot 1 on channel 56...

so, working hard to get iron man and the armor wars 4 done and started working on the next arc of the perhapanauts this weekend, as well as getting through my VERY patient commission list (deadpool's done, working on the incredibles now .... then a 'haps movie poster montage... whew) ... and since i figured i'm not busy enough, i'm doing 100 sketch cards for the upcoming star wars clone wars season 1 set, too...

watching season one of fringe on dvd now (5 episodes in... damn, it's good!), hoping to get it done before all the fall shows return... and listening to the audiobook of frank portman's new book andromeda klein (with a SLEW of others in the queue... david cross, stephen king, dr. denis leary - gotta get back into the habit of listening while working in the afternoon when the kids aren't around) ... my comic pile's getting larger, really gotta get beter about books i actually plan to read as opposed to just "oooh, this looks good!")

back to work (well, after watching this week's mad men)

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