Friday, September 18, 2009


so, this one is piece that i've owed a friend for longer than i can remember (even longer than you, bobby!)... in trade for a beautiful mignola cosmic odyssey page, i promised a superman commission... YEARS later, patient as ever, he reminded me about the piece and suggested maybe switching to the incredibles... deciding i couldn't in good faith make him wait any longer, i started it last week. after laying out the piece, i realized it was gonna be pretty involved, so instead of my usual transfer of the art to the canson paper with saral paper, i decided to do straight up line art on bristol, scan it, and print it directly on the canson and go from there...

besides that, iron man and the armor wars 4 is cooking along, as well as the topps clone wars sketch cards and perhapanauts design work and covers for the next arc...

passed the midway point on the first season box set of fringe (really can't wait to see where it goes from here) and watched the season premiere of the office oh, creed, how i've missed you this summer) after getting home from fenway park last night (tough loss, but a good game and great time with bob, jamie, steve, and those wacky chapmans)


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