Friday, October 30, 2009

clone wars

okay, so even though i've had the entire series piling up on the tivo, i didn't get around to watching any until AFTER doing my batch of topps clone wars sketch cards... but i do dig it!
above is a sample of some of the color cards i did (most were in b/w for deadline purposes)... pretty sure thee cards hit stores soon.

well, the 'haps halloween spooktacular (with guest art on two stories by by rich woodall and none other than fred freakin' hembeck!) is out in finer comic shops everywhere, and the final issue of iron man : armor wars should be out next week (and the trade is already scheduled for february of 2010).

been hard at work on my next project and getting moving of the next 'haps story as well... seems the years of bad posture hunched over the drawing board have taken their toll and i needed to see a chiropractor about it (after a few visits, i'm already feeling better than i've been in ages... and not waking up with shooting pain, so there's that!)

been enjoying some great tv lately (can't believe mad men's season is close to ending already! and the guilty pleasure of sons of anarchy is getting better and better... finally getting into parks and recreation and community keeps getting better, and the office and 30 rock are strong as ever) and got out to see where the wild things are last week was just blown away by it.

back to the drawing board (and happy halloween, folks!),

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