Wednesday, October 21, 2009

hellboy and choopie

not the first request i've had for these two together... and heck, any excuse to draw hellboy is a good one! (don't wanna jinx myself, but there's only ONE outstanding commission in the works... the 'haps movie poster style image...)

so, since calgary, we had a great time at the baltimore comic con (celebrating todd's b-day with the gang was a highlight, among others... like meeting caleb/impulse)

finished work on armor wars (issue 4 in a few short weeks and a trade should be out in feb) and started on a few other projects for marvel (i'll fill you in when i can) as well as the next arc of the 'haps and some covers...

looking forward to my last con of 2009 in boston this weekend... if you're in the city, stop by and say "hey!"

oops, gotta go get dinner ready!
(saw where the wild things are last night and still taking it all in... beautiful and sad)


Brian said...

Hmmm, might just have to change my sketch book sketch request from Iron Man to Hellboy.

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday.

portalcomics said...

cool sketch! I dig it! see ya Friday night!

Heywood Jablomie said...

this one is killer! totally love it!

and on top of everything else you make the dinners? damn when do you sleep?! =P