Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the creature from the black lagoon

okay, here's yet another canson commission... always fun when it's someone/thing i haven't drawn (the upcoming list including josie of the pussycats and jasmine from aladdin, as well as hermoine, should be fun)...

still working on the dc licensing gig, not much else going on here workwise (which is good, 'cause that dc job is keeping me plenty busy)...

thinking about getting together a second canson sketch book for charlotte (although, since i didn't have the first one at last year's show, i might wait 'til baltimore, now that i think of it)... hmmmmm.

sox are on fire these days, dice-k finally showed us what he's really capable of last night and lived up to the hype... very nice. (funny that as a life-long red sox fan, i keep thinking i'd better enjoy this streak now, since the season's barely started... we'll see come september)

don't watch many commercials these days (thanks, tivo!) but i do catch those mac ads once in a while (downloaded and am enjoying the quirky book by john "pc" hodgeman)... as a mac owner, i do find some of those spots funny - not necessarily true, however... especially the mac "genius" spot, seeing that my experience with a "genius" was far from successful (me, after waiting about an hour - "hey, i think there might be a problem with my powerbook's drive, but i'm not sure", genius- "oh no, that's just the cd disc drive, sounds out of balance... it'll be fine for the time being, but you might want to replace it in the future", me- "um, okay... thanks" while thinking i should back up the drive again just in case, which i didn't get to do since the next time i started it up when i got home from the apple store, the hard disc crashed... and while i didn't get any "cryptic error" message like they say pcs get in another spot, i just got a question mark in a folder... not much more encouraging, if you ask me)

okay, enough rambling, back to work!


what i'm listening to as i type this... "the else" by they might be giants


Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!! Love the lighting!

Wish I'd been able to hang around more @ FCBD, but I'll see you in Baltimore (I think)

DonKelly said...

Yeah I like my Mac but the "experts" leave a lot to be desired sometimes. When it runs, it runs nice..but when it acts up..LOOK OUT!!!

Did you catch Heroes? I can bet they are going to keep us hanging til next season after next week.
Oh well. It's still a fun ride.

dogboy443 said...

It's mine all mine!!! Well I have to pay for it first (tonight). This was my wedding gift to myself...Saturday is the big day and Craig delivered!
How sweet is that. It'll be matted in a frame within weeks and sitting next to my Steve Bissette Creature.

Thanks alot Craig. I've got a couple ideas for you so let me save up my sheckles and I'll contact you about...Zeiram!


Brian said...

Great Creature Craig.

As for the Sox, yes they are on a magical run as most recently demonstrated during the bottom of the 9th on Mother's Day. You only win games like that in a special series.

Looking forward to Heroes next month.

Booth Boy Emeritus,


Brian said...

TV Update:

The axe has officially fallen on Andy Barker, PI, The Black Donnellys and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

No big surprise as to the cancelations. I just wish they'd given Andy as much of a chance as they did Studio 60.

No official word yet about Veronica Mars from the CW, but they already have canceled 7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls, Rega and Runaway, so I'm fairly optimistic at this point.

dogboy443 said...

Just read that the Ghost Whisperer (gag) has been renewed, but Jericho (great show) was not renewed. Give me a break. I'm outraged! Jericho is one of the best shows on TV. Sounds like it's grass roots time and a letter writing campaign is necessary.


Brian said...

R.I.P. Veronica Mars.

Neil Hill said...

Supercalifragilistic-cool, Craig! I'm really, really liking this one.