Saturday, March 25, 2006

back in new england!

so, we just got back from a week long visit with the in-laws in florida... had a chance to see the sox lose a spring training game, go to the beach with trish and johnny, get back into a book i started reading over a year ago (sock by penn jillette... defintely an interesting read so far), and even have a night out to see "v for vendetta" ( i clearly fall into the " i barely remember reading the series and have no problem with any changes that were made for the sake of a more coherent movie, because despite the rantings of john byrne, sometimes changes can and should be made in translating comics into other media because clearly they were writing to the strengths of the comic episodic medium and not a movie which might be made in twenty years" ... which is odd, because i really loathe all the changes in last summer's blockbuster batman go figure)...

did manage to get more pages done for the beckett project (and what the heck, why not check out the pic above for another concept piece... )... moving along nicely with this and wayne's doing some great stuff (different from our "slick" stuff on ronin hood)...

besides that, i'm glad to be home. (and make my weekly trek to the local comic shop and see what's new... did pick up nextwave 3, so i'll read it and let ya know how i feel about it, rich... besides the fact it looks amazing )


what i'm listening to as i type this ... doublewide and live - southern culture on the skids
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