Thursday, March 9, 2006

change o' pace... pecos bill!

taking a break from work yesterday i was invited to give a talk to umass dartmouth's senior illustration class... (which was a good time and i enjoyed lunch with jean francois allaux, talking shop and the state of art today)
and in getting all my stuff together, i came across pieces from my senior year and figured i'd post an example...

as part of a series of illustrations for a children's book about american tall tales, this was the first one, featuring pecos bill...
(a far cry from the stuff i'm doing for a living these days, these were fun exercises flexing my painting muscles...) ... since i was having fun with it, over the next few years i ended up doing 4 more, and a buncha b/w spot illustration spot go with'm... (when i get around to scannin'm i'll post a few more)... funny that all through college i wasn't sure that i wanted to draw comics (although i read'm and loved'm) and thought i might end up doing "real" illustration... go figure.

anywhoo, back to the cobbler's monster.


music i'm listening to as i type this entry ... american idiot - green day
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