Thursday, March 30, 2006

random stuff...

...found this image on the web and found it particularly amusing... and goes a good way to explain why i think all star batman and robin is one of the worst books of the year (or, as todd so optimistically thinks, one of the biggest pranks)... wave looks absolutely fantastic, but man, that writing is so condescending towards comics (oooh, point out the ridiculousness of a giant lizard wearing purple pants.... ugh. it's a COMIC BOOK.) haven't read all that much warren ellis stuff, so maybe i'm just not in with the "hip" crowd on this one... at least it's damn pretty!

... reading stephen king's latest column in entertainment weekly describes how i feel about tv exactly (his list of favorite shows this season includes veronica mars, lost, the shield, sopranos, battlestar galactica... and of course, 24)

...found out that beckett and image are putting together a preview book for "the cobbler's monster" with the first 12 pages and other panels from the rest of the book...

... approved the cover design for the 'haps trade yesterday!

i'm sure there's more, but i gotta get back to drawing.


music i'm listening to as i type this entry - the full-custom gospel sounds of the reverend horton heat
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