Thursday, March 16, 2006

... to be continued?

so, issue 4 of the 'haps came out this week... and we decided to end it on a doozy of a cliffhanger. with any luck, we'll be able to come back and tell more tales of the gang (and even get to tell the story as to why they're called " the PERHAPanauts"...)...

but it all depends on sales, which haven't been great. with any luck, the trade (out this summer) will do well enough to warrant dark horse doing another 4... since we haveta make it count, we're pulling out the stops for our first trade... besides collecting the mini series (which we've gone back into and "george lucased" some colors and effects to be even better), we'll reprint the stories from the ashcan colored just for the trade, along with character bios ... and pin-ups by good friends and guys we idolize... when we start getting'm in, we'll preview a few pieces for your viewing pleasure...

but it all depends on you, our kind, generous, and clearly intelligent readers... so remember, people, the perhapanauts trade makes for great gifts for friends, families, weddings, baby showers, bar mitzvahs and more...

and in case we do get around to the next series, up top that's the cover to issue 7 or so... (we've got other stuff up our sleeves before we get to ... the dover demon... like how the 'haps deal with all them little purple guys)


music i'm listening to as i type this... hank williams III - straight to hell


Brian said...

I normally don't buy the trade when I already have the single
issues, but in this case I'll be making an exception. Heck,
I'll even get one as a gift for my brother who turned me
on to the joys of classic horror films.

Brian said...

According to Todd's blog over at the 'Haps site, its looking good
for a second mini-series.