Friday, September 8, 2006

off to the airport...

packed up my stuff (including the HOT OFF THE PRESSES PERHAPANAUTS TRADE PAPERBACK! and a few commissions for folks i'll see at the show... like lou's green arrow above), dropped the boy with his grandparents... and i'm outta here.

maybe i'll see you in baltimore.

post when i get back.



geekboypress said...

That's all mine? Badass!

Brian said...

Believe me folks when I say that the picture does not do
Craig's GA justice and as good as it came out, the Power Girl Craig
- hi Craig - did for Officer Mike was even better.

Craig had to take off early on Saturday, so Sunday
he was chained to the table banging out the sketches.

I didn't get to see too many of Craig's con sketches as
I was pretty busy gathering sketches and signatures myself
Sunday, but I did see a sweet Phantom Lady sketch for some
very lucky fan boy that Craig knocked out of the park.

As for the rest, I'll let Craig tell you guys about all the
other 'Haps - enings at the show.

The Perhapanauts Baltimore Booth
Employee of the Month