Wednesday, September 20, 2006

on the shelves today!

well, today's the day the 'haps trade finally hits comic shops, online retailers and book stores (that's one last shameless plug for the trade... now it'll be the 'haps' "second chances" series starting in october)... we're pretty proud of this one (and even more proud of "second chances")...

studio 60 is off to a good start, i'll keep watching (well, tivoing... i'm still gonna tune into csi:miami - you're right, dana, caruso is so crazy good/bad these days! - or monday night football )

picked up the season one collection of my name is earl yesterday (the "lost pilot" is pretty amusing stuff)... all these tv shows on dvd are great to watch... who needs reruns these days?

oh yeah, that color piece above is mento from the teen titans (gotta say, bill ... i've had some obscure requests, but this one takes the cake... so far)

well, back to work...

-c (barely making it in on a wednesday post.. not a great way to start my m/w/f plan... but we'll see)
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